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Modern search engine optimization nowadays needs to consider a number of different things. In early 2015, Google’s mobile device responsiveness was ranked as a ranking factor. At the latest then, the mobile optimization should be integrated directly into an SEO strategy to avoid ranking losses in the mobile search. Likewise, technical SEO plays a very important role today, since load times or bounce rates can influence the rating of a website. Search engine optimization is a permanent optimization process that usually takes a long time to see results. SEO is divided into OnPage and Offpage. Whereby OnPage optimization refers to the web document itself. The Offpage optimization increases the page popularity.

OnPage optimization

OnPage search engine optimization refers to the technical and content optimization on a web document itself. Factors such as page architecture, internal linking, text and metadata are of great importance for search engines for rating a website. The usual approach to optimization is to set a landing page for a specific keyword that appears as a search result in the search results pages (SERP) when you enter that keyword. In the case of the web document, important factors such as the placement of relevant content (text, images, videos), the creation of meta-data and internal linking are created according to the search engine. This facilitates crawling and capturing the page in the search engine index.

Some areas of the OnPage SEO

  • Technical SEO: Improving the technical aspects of a website such as server technology, source code or functions.
  • Mobile optimization: This section deals with the optimization of mobile devices.
  • Landing page optimization: In this case, only a single landing page onpage is optimized.
  • Local SEO: Optimizing the local search results of a website, which can also fall into the area of ​​OffPage SEO.
  • Image SEO: Optimizations for pictures and graphics.

OffPage optimization

OffPage Search Engine Optimization deals with the popularity of a page on the web. Basically, this is about the reputation of a page, measured by the number and quality of backlinks from other sites to a website. The OffPage optimization is a big part of search engine optimization and is usually a big challenge because you can not always directly influence the linking from other sites. The Google algorithm places special value on specific ranking factors in the OffPage area. According to Google, there are over 200 OffPage factors that can influence the ranking in the OffPage area.